Help for “Lucky Lottery Scratchers”


Can I win real cash or prizes by playing this game?

Our games are for entertainment purposes only and do not include any real money gambling.  They can be played entirely for free, and there is no requirement to pay for credits unless you do not want to wait for your next free bonus.  We try to make this clear in our store listing that there is no chance to win real money by playing. We do appreciate that you’ve chosen our game to play, and hope you have fun with it – thank you!


How do I play this game?

Playing is simple — start by swiping down to scroll down to the lower left corner of the scratcher card lobby screen.  Select any scratcher card that has a green price that is lower than the amount of total credits you have.  Swipe to scratch and reveal numbers and symbols on the scratcher card to see if you get a win.  Play to gain levels, unlock new cards, and win more — have fun!


How do I unlock more scratcher cards and increase my level?

Every scratcher card you play makes progress toward the next level.  The more expensive the scratcher cards, the faster you make progress through the levels.  Each level is harder to attain than the last, but the free credits bonus you receive with each new level also increases.  New scratchers unlock at certain levels as indicated directly beneath each scratcher card in the main lobby screen.


I had a problem with purchasing game credits — what can I do?

Please tap the “Email Support” button inside the settings menu for Lucky Lottery Scratchers.  Describe the problem in the email and we will resolve the issue.


I got a new phone or tablet — how do I restore progress from my previous saved game?

Please tap the “Email Support” button inside the settings menu for Lucky Lottery Scratchers on your old phone or tablet.  Mention that you have a new device and we will work with you to transfer progress to the new device. If you no longer have your old phone, please tap the “Email Support” button inside the settings menu on your new device, and we will work with you to locate and restore your previous game progress.


How do I get a bigger daily bonus?

Every consecutive day you play, the daily bonus multiplier increases — to a maximum of 5x.  If you miss playing for a day or more, the daily bonus multiplier will reset to 1x and you must play 4 more days in a row to build back up to 5x.  As long as you play every day, the multiplier will stay at 5x.